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Do you remember when you were little? Did you have a mom or dad or somebody that seemed almost God like or at least super hero status? I did. I thought my daddy knew everything. And mostly he did. I would have done anything to make my dad happy I guess. Luckily God blessed me with a kind, loving dad. He had a big heart and was never short on the Rush Limbaugh RIP Conservative talk radio host shirt it is in the first place but atta girls or I’m proud of yous. Now, imagine that same person without the loving kindness. The child trying to please someone larger than life that can not be pleased. Or they control in every way how you will please them if you do. A child searching instinctively for something that is not there. It’s a facade. It’s all smoke and mirrors. The child either conforms to their will in every way or suffer the consequences. My ex and his mother. Two peas in pod those two. They sit around and she talks. She tells tales about everybody she’s ever known I guess. It used to amaze me how in 10 minutes you would know about most of the people in town, their kin folks, all their dirty laundry, and what they were like when they were little. I don’t even know that many facts about my own family members. Much less keep a running dialogue of every body I encountered that week. She loved doing this. Repeating the same shit over and over. With a very superior, haughty attitude to boot. God don’t like ugly. Just sayin. I can not imagine growing up around this mess. I’ve finally caught on to what is really going on in this narcesspool they call a family. Only took me 20 years. But it will take 20 more before I back down. Satan and her spawn. Satan being so superior will obviously have superior offspring right? At least that’s what she’s told her spawn all his life. Never having to face consequences. Except hers. Always blaming anybody but him for his shortcomings. And this is the important part. Alienating him from his dad. Spoiler alert. Her spawn hates her. He hates his dad. He hates himself. And he hates me and my children. But. Spawn is letting her do it all over again with his own children. To scared to do anything about it. And the spawns dad is helping it happen because he’s just happy to be included.

Rush Limbaugh RIP Conservative talk radio host shirt

Because Satan has what they call an attachment trama. Her mom left her when she was 3 months old. Who knows how she got to the Rush Limbaugh RIP Conservative talk radio host shirt it is in the first place but ripe old child bearing age. But she did. She has as much knowledge on raising happy, healthy, independent people as I have experience in rocket science. Whatever that is. Everything is black and white in Satan’s mind. To her, if her spawn wanted to see his dad that meant he didn’t love her. To Satan if her spawn loved his dad and showed it in anyway that meant he hated her. Because Satan is not capable of considering her spawn before her. So her spawn grows resentful. But very dependant in every way. They take a child and punish them for something that comes as natural to them as breathing. They make the child feel ashamed for things they know nothing about. They are being psychologically manipulated and used to boost egos. Without any consideration what so ever for their well being. You see it’s all about Satan feeling superior. To feel good is to make someone else feel bad. They really have to win at any cost. Two teenagers were killed in a car wreck last winter. Two very close friends of my daughter’s. My daughter at this point barely comes home anymore always having to be with Satan and Satan’s issues. But this night I called her. Her and a friend were at Satan’s house. And this is what happened. They drop friend off and she comes flying in the driveway and gets out before it’s even stopped good. She’s screaming at me about how I’m this and that and how I don’t even care about my daughter. Telling me how the friend she just dropped off was making fun of my daughter 2 days before and exactly what she supposedly said about her. My daughter is so distraught that she’s hyperventilating and vomiting by the back step. And spawn is busy working in the garden about 10 feet away all shits and giggles. All I said was “you don’t have to scream at me and now is not the time for your bullshit.” She marched in the house behind my daughter saying some thing about f’ ing b this and that. Satan follows my daughter to the bathroom and I follow Satan. I put my hand and her shoulder and leaned into her ear and said I’ve got this, thank you. I pulled her out of the bathroom door and shut the door in her face.

Rush Limbaugh RIP Conservative talk radio host s hoodie

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